Quality of life
at the workplace

Building the future of your company with our unique employee-centric preventive health & wellness solution

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Burnout Prevention

In 2019, before the COVID-19 outbreak, Every sixth adult in the European Union alone was affected by mental ill-health. The economic impact of poor mental health cost the EU more than 10% of its GDP in lost productivity and social costs.

Our innovative solution intend to significantly prevent and decrease the burnout risk for companies.

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Human Centric Solution

With our partners we are taking advantage of the last scientific researchs and developments in mental health, neurosciences, artificial intelligence and social experiment to offer our clients an unique and innovative human centric solution

An immersive community experience

NOÖS is the most powerful and flexible solution to give your company a social dimension and inspire your employee's to support each other wellbeing.

Our solution
Our solution

Our Unique Approach

We want to contribute to make the world a healthier and happier place including at the workplace.

Our community is dedicated to inspire and empower people on their own transformational journey, raising levels of consciousness to accelerate the global transition that is happening now.

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Collective Intelligence

Empower your employees to actively seeks out knowledge and information, and feels empowered to share it within the company, to open up a collaborative discussion.

This cognitive mechanism enables your employees to share views, ideas and attitudes when focusing on issues together.

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Mind, Body & Spirit

Our tailored programs includes six flexibles modules that cover all the different aspects of a holistic health and wellness support for your employees.

Individual Sessions

Seated Massage, Psychotherapy, Acupuncture, Hypnosis, ...

Group Sessions

Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong, Breath Work, Pilates, Forest Hike, ...


Conscious Leadership, Boost your Brain, Nutrition, Stress Management, ...


Burn-Out, Mindfulness, EFT, Aromatherapy, Nutrition Coaching, Sound Bath, ...

Relax Room

Meditation Room, Nap Beds, Fitness Accessories, Acupression Mattress, ...

Digital Wellness

Digital Apps to support and track employee's program engagement

Quality of life at the workplace in Belgium


of full-time employees
are stressed at work most
of the time or all the time


feel that their work
negatively affect their life


feel tired most of the time
or all the time at the end
of the workday


suffer from anxiety problems
because of work


express having some
global fatigue problems


feel that they never have
in off time to finish their work


have the feeling that their
work is never appreciated


average index of poor
psychological environment

Source: European Working Conditions Survey, 2015, Performed on a sample of 2.190employees.
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